Saturday, June 11, 2011

Five Minute Friday...

on Saturday morning.  Am I really that busy that I can't do a five minute post on Fridays???  Well, yes, sometimes I am.  I did have time yesterday but I chose to go to the mall BY MYSELF!!  The girls went down for their nap within minutes of each other and Wade came home early from school, so I went to the mall.   And do you know what, I got kind of bored.  I didn't know what to do without a stroller and trying to look for a sippy cup and snacks or chasing a two year old because I figured she could handle walking.  I got Whitney a new pair of sheets because she has been peeing out her diaper lately.  I got her size 4's now, so we'll see if those help once she gets in them.  Any way, I got her hot pink sheets thinking they would be fun, well they are kind of obnoxious.  I should take a picture of them.  I also found a cute summer dress for myself, now all I have to do is wear it!

Monday we made it back from Postville.  It was another successful trip, though I think I have reached Ellie's limit for taking a three hour nap in the car.  She did wake up on the way home and wasn't very happy.  After 25 mins of her screaming, I managed to crank my arm around the back and held a pacifier in until she fell back asleep.  Not very safe, I know, considering she is directly behind me.

Yesterday morning we went to the library to see Dan Wardell from IPTV.  He was doing story time for the kids.  It was a bit disappointing for Whitney.  It was geared towards kids a little older who could interact and answer questions.  Oh, well.  We went to the library twice this week, target, walmart and the park.  Trying to keep busy and get out of the house!!

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