Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ellison-4 Months

As I breathe a sigh of relief, I can finally say that Ellie is 4 months old!!!  I love my babies, but those first few months are nothing but survival, and now is when the fun begins!!! 
Weight:  14lb 4 oz  (60%)
Height:  24 1/2 inches (50%)

The doctor doesn't think she needs a tot collar for her neck and thinks her case looks pretty mild now and just wants to continue PT.
 Ellie continues to be a really good baby.  She is happy and content unless she is hungry or sleepy.  I started cereal and most days she has it twice a day.  We are almost through a box of cereal already.  I have already tried baby food too and she was non reactive to it.  I started with squash and she didn't make the typical yuck face, just smacked her lips a little and kept eating!  I am still pumping all day, only two more months of hard core pumping, then I may supplement more as long as she continues to take formula.  She sleeps well.  We were up to 7-8 hr sfor the first stretch every night, and then we all got colds this last weekend so that's a bit out the window and she is sleeping in her carseat.  I unswaddled her a few weeks ago and she sleeps on her tummy all night.  She still goes to bed about 8:30.

Milestones-   supported sitting, holds head steady, pushes up on arms, rolls over front to back, babbles, blows razzberries, smiles, giggles, reaches for objects (and gets mad when she doesn't know what to do with them!) and bears weight on legs when standing. 

Favorites- mommy!!  eating, she smiles at the spoon as it comes to her mouth and gets mad when she is all done, sucking- she now takes a pacifier and is figuring out her thumb, bath time, the outdoors

dislikes-  being left alone, I hate when she cries when she realizes you have to put her down  to walk away, the wind,  laying on her back- she really wants to sit up all the time

on to the next month!!!

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  1. I so get you! We are FINALLY in the fun stage. Of course fun is used loosely here at our house. MW is mad b/c now Ellie weighs more than him and his newborn cousin is 4# less than him. So he still demands to be nursed every 2 hours. AHHHHHHHHH! Your girls are so twinkies it is crazy. I always will wonder if MW were a girl if she and Lo would have looked alike.