Friday, June 24, 2011

Five Minute Friday

Is it Friday again already???  I have already told you what is going on with us lately.  We did the "camping" last weekend and if you missed it Ellie turned 4 months on Wed.  YES!!!  Ellie is going to look back on this blog when she is older and think that I didn't love her, I really do, I am just ready to fast forward about two more months.  I shouldn't say that, it really is easier every day now that she is starting to master sitting up and sucking on a pacifier.

We are all sick this week.  I know we shouldn't have colds in June but we do.  It started with Wade when he thought he was developing allergies last week.  When Whitney was drinking some water Sunday night and didn't want any more because it hurt, I knew Wade didn't just have allergies.  Sure enough I got and Ellie too.  Whitney has been really good with the cold, it hasn't disrupted her sleep but Ellie has been sleeping in her car seat and waking up every 2-4hrs.  I sure hope she doesn't get used to that because we were doing so good!

We had our first major battle with the stubborn will of a two year old.  It started with Whitney playing with tongs.  She calls them "chompies".  She chompied Ellie's arm and made her cry so I told Whitney she needs to tell Ellie sorry.  She refused and ran away so I told her tell Ellie sorry or go to your room for time out.  She still wouldn't say it.  She didn't intentionally hurt Ellie and it wasn't even that big of a deal, it just really escalated from the fact that she refused to apologize and continued to disobey.  This went on for an hour and a half last night.  Whitney was sobbing and screaming and wanted out of her room and would say from behind the door, "tell Ellie sorry, I'm sorry" " I want out of here"  so we would ask her if she was ready to say sorry- "no".  Close the door again.  Every few minutes we would give her the chance to calm down and apologize and Wade and I were calm about it the whole time, she just REFUSED to say the words I'm sorry to Ellie.  Whitney went to bed without, a bath, pj's her milk or us to tuck her in.  She slept from 8:15-6:30.  Not too bad.  I brought it up this morning and she still wouldn't apologize.  She won.

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