Saturday, June 4, 2011

Five Mintute Friday (on Saturday Afternoon)

I am getting worse at this update thing!  Here goes again....

We had a fairly busy week.  Wade's truck broke down a few weeks ago now so he went and test drove a Dodge Ram.  He is conflicted on whether to keep fixing his '04 F150 or if we should just get a new truck.  Last year we had to replace the transmission.  Not fun to have vehicle problems.

On June 1 wade turned 32.  Yes, 32!!!   We are old.  Or he is, I am not old yet!  He had to work all day in the field and didn't get home until 10pm that night.  No birthday fun for him!  I did buy a leftover memorial day cake at the store and called a Memorial Day/Birthday cake.  Yeah, I'm that cool, I didn't even bake a cake.  I tried to book a cabin for a weekend at one of the state parks for his birthday/father's day, but you had to make a 7 day reservation for a cabin.  I'm sorry, but who wants to take a 7 day vacation at a state park in Iowa?  not me, so sorry, no birthday present for Wade this year. 

Since he was gone and I had the girls all day by myself, I decided that I for sure was taking the girls to my parents house for the weekend while he was down helping his mom on their land.  Too boring to be home alone all weekend when I do it all week long.  We left friday afternoon, which is why I didn't get to this post, and we made the 3 hr trip without stopping!!! It's all about timing, and the fact that Ellie will sleep in the car.  I wouldn't dream of making that trip when Whitney was 3 months.   She would scream the whole way.

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