Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

We went to Wade's brother's for father's day.  Wade really wanted to do some camping and he knew the only way I would "camp" with a baby was to do it in a house, so we both got what we wanted!   I stayed in the house with Ellie and Whitney camped with Wade.  Matt and his son Owen and our nephew Grant camped in another tent.  I think the kids had fun, but they sure where tired!!  The pictures are a little out of order.....
Sunday we went fishing, Whitney walking on the dock... the thrill of fishing doesn't last long for toddlers, even though they were catching them one after another.  Not to mention, it was HOT!!

Whitney on the way home yesterday, so totally wiped out.  She is very tired today too.
eating giant marshmallows

getting mulberry's from the tree.  Can you see matt up in the tree shaking them out??

eating smores

Grant was making Ellie giggle, it was hilarious!  He loves babies!

the next morning, they were so tired

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