Monday, May 9, 2011

Whitney- 2 Years

Whitney turned two on May 1. I just love this age, her curiosity and imagination are just adorable. She blows me away with her memory and with what she says. Their innocence to this world and their acceptance to everything just melts my heart. How much longer will she turn to me and ask, "what's that, mommy?" as if I have the answer to everything. And she wants to know what EVERYTHING is. Turns out Wade was the same way at that age.

We had her two year appoitment today. No surprise that she still hates the doctor. She weighs 24lbs 11oz and is 33.25 inches. She is around 25% for her weight and50% for her height. She has been growing along the same percentiles for the past year. She is very healthy and smart for a two year old!
She is not any where near being potty trained. She has close to zero interest in the toilet and when I can get her to even sit on the toilet she doesn't let anything out. Not that I'm too upset about that with taking care of a newborn. She has constipation issues we need to work out before potty training can begin. Really, we have dealt with constipation with her since she was six months old. I tried to change her diet and I give her prune juice daily and it still didn't help. I was never truly worried about it because she still went, becasue she didn't know how not to go even if it hurt her at times, so she wasn't getting backed up. Well, about six months ago she gained control of her bodily functions and learned to hold it in. It has been a battle since. She is on daily Miralax until she learns that pooping doesn't hurt. She has been a lot more regular since being on Miralax and has had a better appetite too, so hopfully a better diet will also help. She loves to drink juice and milk and we have to withhold liquids to get her to eat.  Even as a baby drinking has been her comfort and the way she wanted to ease that feeling of hunger.  They doctor said it is fine for her to be on 1% milk and that might help with her constipation.  We drink 1% so that will be great not having to buy seperate milk.    It has been a long and frustrating battle.
She still sleeps about the same, she doesn't go to bed until 10, but will sleep until 7 and she will take a 1-2hr nap. It doesn't seem like much and 10 sounds late for a toddler, but it's what works for her and for us. Yes, we have tried to put her to bed earlier, she just wakes up at 4 in the morning and is ready to go. She also can't go without naps yet, we've tried that too to get her to bed earlier and sleeping longer at night.
She still loves Dora and George and to watch Peep and the Big Wide World on Youtube. She will ask for "Peep puter?"  She has adjusted well to being a big sister and loves to give Ellie kisses.   She hardly asks for me to put Ellie down.  If Ellie stays home with Daddy she always asks where Ellie is. She loves to cut, paint, play play doh, peel stickers, play doll house, read books (she has started to memorize easy books like Polar Bear Polar Bear what do you hear) play outside, ride in the car, go to the library, do puzzles and go to the park.
She is pretty well behaved and listens well, however, she is a toddler and has tantrums and annoying whining fits. She has days where she is in time out numerous times. I suppose she gets bored being trapped inside and wants to figure out what she can get away with.  She loves to get out in public but is super shy until she warms up to you.  IF she decides to venture away from me, say like at the library, she puts her arms up by her ears like she is hiding.
She has really taken to Wade since Ellie was born and hardly wants me to put her to bed. She is very set in her routine that she likes to lay in bed with me and sing songs and then she wants daddy to put her to bed, and she gets very upset if we try to do it differently.

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  1. So sweet! You are great about updating!! :) Happy belated Birthday to Whitney!!