Thursday, May 12, 2011

TV Isn't so Bad

No more than two hours of tv a day.  That is what is recommended for a toddler.  Well, I can tell you that right now Whitney watches a lot more than that.  TV is my baby sitter.  I turn it on first thing in the morning.  It's how I get us breakfast, something to drink, pump and then feed Ellie, do diaper changes and dress them for the day.  It's how I get us out of the house without a toddler yapping at my heels, "ready to go?"  over and over again.  It's how I get anything done when Whitney doesn't want to independent play.  I do get us out of the house often, even more so now that the weather is cooperating.  We go to Wal-Mart at least once a week, to the library once a week, go on walks, go to the park and playing outside of the house as often as possible.  I do turn the tv off in the afternoon and won't turn it back on unless I really need my "baby sitter".

All that being said, cartoons are very educational now.  Especially the ones on PBS and Nick Jr.  Whitney has learned numerous vocabulary words and concepts from the shows she watches.  Here's the big one.... she can count to 11.  ELEVEN!!  Wade and I had to idea she could do that!!  The other night Wade told me she counted to 10.  Then later that night she was counting my nail polish and went right to 11, without any help or guidance.  Totally playing by herself and counting away!  She does skip the number three, but who cares.  Once she gets to 11 she goes back to 8.  I think Umi Zoomi on Nick Jr probably taught her how to count, because when I count with her I usually only go to five, because that is what I figure a 2 year old brain can handle.  She always says this word that Wade and I can't figure out.  I think she is saying something in Spanish she probably learned off Dora.

So, if TV can teach her shapes, numbers, colors, emotions, etc.while I'm busy with Ellie or the house, then I'm all for it!!! 

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  1. Didn't you read the FINE print, 2 hours of TV unless you have another baby under the age of one and need to do something. Maxwell even enjoys watching TV a little... it stops him from crying. As I read your message Jackson is watching the John Deere movie about tractors for the 3rd time today. oops. :) Have a great weekend!