Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Girls at 3 Months

I have heard both- your girls look nothing alike and your girls look the same.  When Ellie was born my first reaction was that she looked just like Whitney.  It felt like I was holding a newborn Whitney all over again.  And then over the next few days I thought they looked nothing alike.  Now that Ellie is filling out, I think they look alike again, despite the different eye color, and Ellie will likely be a blonde.  The first four pictures are Whitney, the last four Ellie.  I don't know how to do them side by side, but if you know how, let me know (ahem...  Michele or Melissa!)  I make some chubby girls, huh!?!  Whitney cracks me up with how fat she was!


  1. I can't believe Ellie is already 3 months old! Craziness! In some pictures I think they look alike and then in others I don't see it as much. I don't think Ellie looks as chubby as Whitney did at her age. Cute girls!!

  2. I think they look like twins, if you would not have said which was which I wouldn't have known! Melissa and I use http://www.picnik.com/ to put our pics side by side. it is under the collage tab. It is super easy and quick to edit your pics. I thought you knew how b/c you had some 4 square pics the other day up...anyways that is the big secret. ;)

  3. Yes use picnik!! It is free if you only do/upload five at a time! But if you have any questions with it let me know--I am NOT technology savoy so I asked a friend of mine a lot of questions but you are smarter than I am:)
    Since I have seen Whitney I can so tell that some of those first four are SO HER!! It is the eyes! But I think they pretty much look alike too!