Saturday, May 28, 2011

Five Minute Friday (on Saturday morning)

See, I'm already not very good at keeping up with this!!!   As I mentioned in my previous Friday post we were going to the Vandewater's to see Lee, our bro in law.  He is home on leave from Afghanistan and is soon to go back in a few days, to return home for good in early July.  It was great to see him, like he  hadn't even been gone.  Whitney warmed up to him quickly and my little Ellie even let him hold her.  He keeps a blog, Operation Enduring Freedom 2011  that you should really check out, if you don't already.  It's an excellent inside perspective on a deployment.

I have been getting the girls out to the park a few times a week and Whitney is turning into little miss dare devil.  Its hard to help her play with a baby strapped to my chest!  She says the funniest things and I mean to write them down so I can remember it all and laugh about it again some day.  The other day we were driving and we were going by a church, she says.. "whoaaa, that's a big house!"   We were getting her in the bath and she was standing next to the tub fully clothed yet, and she says, "you can't wear clothes in the bath.  You can't wear clothes when you're naked!"

It's Memorial Day weekend and my parents are coming to visit.  Love it when they come to play with Whitney, and that my mom always brings me goodies to eat!  I don't do much baking around here, unless it's refridgerated cookie dough!

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