Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ellison- 3 Months

Baby Ellie is now three months old.  She is getting stronger and more alert every day.  She coos and squeals and smiles a lot and is generally a pretty happy baby.  She is starting to get stranger danger, apparently my girls are not the type of babies that just goes to any one.  She does better with Wade than Whitney did, but Wade is also around a lot more than he was when Whitney was a baby.  She does pretty good on tummy time holding her head up and can sit in the bumbo for a good period of time now.  She is becomming a supported sitter and if you prop her up you can see her working to try to sit upright.  She tries to suck on her hands and fingers but can't yet keep her hands in her mouth.  She will occasionally take a pacifier, but generally does not care for them.

She sleeps pretty well.  She has given me 8 hrs a few times and then the next night she will go back to 5 hrs, which isn't so bad for a 3 month old, but it stinks when she goes to bed at 8/8:30.  I would love to put her to bed later, but she set her bed time so I just go with it. She wakes up for good in the morning between six and seven.   I don't set schedules for my babies, I let them sleep when they are tired and eat if they seem hungry.    She is getting a more predictable daytime sleep pattern and would probably be even more routine if we would stay home in the morning. 

We have gotten the eating problems worked out. She nurses at night and  I pump all day and she drinks from a bottle.  Most days I can keep up with her and if not she will take formula.  How lucky am I?  Hopefully she will continue to take formula because it is pretty nice taking a thermos of hot water when we go out to mix formula.  Figuring out how and where to pump isn't so much fun, but it's working so far.  We made it half way to my minimum goal of breastfeeding for six months, so if I can make it another three, I'm sure I can go a year.  I'm anxious to start cereal to see how she takes it.  Some days she seems like she could use some, and other days she barely finishes the milk I have pumped.  I can tell when she hits a growth spurt because she will poop every other day and eat like mad.

She is in size 1 diapers that are quickly getting too small.  She wears 3-6 month clothing that fits perfectly.  I give her about 6-7 weeks before she will probably be in 6-12.

She has had a couple of sessions of PT for her tortecollis, and the therapist said it is a pretty mild case, but she still holds her neck pretty crooked depending on her energy level.

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  1. Such cute pictures!!! The 2nd time around it's so much easier, isn't it? I think it's so funny that you nursed with the first, pumped with the 2nd... and I did the opposite! I have only pumped a handful of times since we went on our trip... it's so much easier to nurse! Of course Maxwell getting a tooth is going to make me re-think that soon!! Take care!!