Friday, May 20, 2011

Five Minute Fridays

I was blog hopping just now during nap time and came across this post that you just ramble on for five minutes.  I'll give it a shot and try to do it every friday as a recap of our week.  Don't hold me to it though, we'll just see!

Here goes...It's a rainy friday with not much to do.  There was a lull in the rain this morning so I took the girls out to garage sales.  It has sort of become my new obsession.  I wish we lived in DSM where I could hit some serious garage sales in the super nice parts of town.  I have realized I have become a garage sale snob.  I check out craigslist to see what they are selling, and if they list name brand kids clothes I am totally there.  I also get really excited when they are in new subdivisions.  You know they are young couples unloading their baby/kids stuff.  I do drive by garage sales.  If the house looks yucky from the outside or they don't have good presentation from the street, I don't stop.  Sometimes if Wade is with me he makes me stop so he will get out and look and within a minute he's back with nothing.  He needs to trust my instincts if they are good sales or not!  We're on a mission for kids clothes/shoes and we have limited time with an infant!

Tomorrow we are headed to the Vandewater's.  Lee (BIL) is home on leave and we are looking forward to seeing him and it's always fun to get the kids together to play!

time's up!

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