Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wade's Wyoming Trip

Wade, his dad and brother and family friend Lou just got back from a coyote hunting trip in Wyoming. They fought the cold, snow and wind but managed to have a great time and get a few coyotes. Here are a few pictures of their adventures.
Bob got stuck in the sand and snow within 10 minutes of arriving. Wade pulled him out and then made sure that he didn't forget it all week!!!
Here is a photo of Wade and Matt in a canyon in the Red Desert after the early snowstorm. They spent the night in their trailers in 14 degree temps with 40 mph winds..... IT WAS COLD. They decided to head a little South to get out of the snow.

After they moved out of the snow, they saw some wild horses and a lot of antelope.

.......and even found a few coyotes!!!!

Then they headed home a day early to get out before they got snowed in. They drove through a snowstorm to make it home and are happy to be back.


  1. So you are going to have a coyote mounted in your house to go along with the bobcat? Looks like a cold week...too cold for me!

  2. I check in on you three several times a week and Grandma Bissell comes over once a week or so and she has to see too. It's not the same as in person but it is really nice for the rest of us who can't see you but once a year. Keep blogging so we keep informed and watch Whitney grow. McKenna is rolling all over and does the army crawl up and down the hallway and into the kitchen from the living room. The other day she followed me into the kitchen and I didn't know she had and when I turned around I tripped over her. Not only does she do the army crawl she does it in stealth mode. Keep blogging we really love it. Take care Love Aunt Wendy