Saturday, October 10, 2009

First Tooth

Whitney's bottom right tooth popped through this morning. The drooling and teething had really picked up these last few days so I suspected they were coming. She was drooling so much that she was soaking the sheets during her naps and her face would be in a puddle of drool. The faucets have been on since three months, so really I have been thinking for quite some time that they were coming. Anyway, she has been pretty good about it. Only slightly cranky, but no fever or diarrhea. I'm excited she is getting teeth because it's fun when your baby does new things, but mostly not excited if that makes any sense. What does a five month old need teeth for? It must be a Welsh thing to get teeth earlier. Her cousins Owen, 18 days older, and Brynna, 9 days older, have both had teeth for a few weeks now. So, mark another milestone on the calendar. You will have to wait for pictures of the pearly whites after they have come in more and are photographable.

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