Saturday, October 24, 2009

Our Friday

Help mom, I'm stuck! If she gets any longer, she is going to have herself wedged in there, well she pretty much is already wedged in there!

She has graduated to the big tub. It's my mom's fault really. Whitney was very cooperative in her little tub and would just lay there to let us wash her. My mom had to make the comment that she couldn't believe Whitney was still in her little tub, and the very next night she didn't want to lay back anymore. She was starting to over take her little tub any way. She was not afraid of the big open waters and liked splashing around. She sits well until she reaches out to grab a toy, then she tips over, which makes bath time a little more challenging.

Doing her push ups. It's hard to tell in the picture, but her body is lifted off the ground. She is working on getting her butt up in the air, and she can now use her arms to pull herself around in a circle.

Our little chicken.


  1. She's such a big girl...I still have Brynna in her baby tub, but I put it in the big tub, then her Grant can take a bath together and she's still safe :)
    The video is so cute/funny/sad at the same time. Brynna started crying tonight when I took her out to see Lee's deer, TOO funny, I knew I loved her :)

  2. let me lick that little p---y clean bet it tastes fantastic