Saturday, October 3, 2009

Packing Up

With the weather change and with how quickly Whitney is growing, I decided today was a good day to pack up the 3-6 month clothes and break out the 6-12. A majority of her 3-6 clothes is summer clothes, but they are also getting snug and too short. May as well start wearing the 6-12 that is a little big, than the 3-6 that is a little small. The 9 month pj's seem huge, but her little toes are starting to get squished! I remember when my sister packed up her daughter Alaina's clothes and she said she felt a little sad to put away the baby clothes. I thought, boo hoo, so you're putting some clothes away and moving up. I didn't feel sad moving from 0-3 to 3-6, but for some reason it feels different moving into the 6-12, like it's some giant leap. I'm not sad like crying sad, just a little like oh my gosh how quickly they grow sad. The clothes remind me of when Alaina wore them and she was crawling, walking and talking. (sigh) That means Whitney is soon approaching those milestones as well. She will no longer be our little baby! She's already getting pretty good at sitting up. She sat in the room with me for quite a while and only tipped over a few times, onto the piles of clothes!

What girl doesn't love new clothes!!


I got all these clothes from the GAP outlet in the spring for $27!! They were winter clearance items, so I planned ahead. I'm excited that Whitney will finally be able to start wearing them, guess I'm not sad anymore! This is also the first clothes that I have bought for Whitney. Thank goodness for an older sister who had a girl first (and Stefanie who handed down Abby's clothes) ! My sister is due to have another girl any day so we're getting lots of use out of baby clothes by sharing.

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  1. These are TOO cute!! I don't know what is more fun, shopping for Brynna or me :)