Friday, October 2, 2009

Bob Kitty

Wade's bobcat that he shot on our land last year is finally done, hurray- hurray. (heavy sarcasm here)

Well, Whitney likes it.

None too thrilled about it's current resting place. You will notice that there is also a dead duck in our living room. We are in negotiations as to what I get out of this. I myself am in disbelief that Wade has taken over the decorating. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??


  1. You need a basement room for all this stuff... that's where Andy's carcuses have been banished too... you must not complain enough about it, because I whined about 2 times and Andy said enough!

    Len is here visiting. They went to a gunshow. Just what any of them need... another gun!

    Good luck with your decorating delima!

  2. yes, you are a good wife to let THIS happen! I wouldn't be able to take it either. He needs a den to put those in! Hope you can resolve it harmoniously! :)

    Also, we are cleaning out our closets too! It is nice to get hand me downs saves so much. It is sad to realize how fast they grow. I am more annoyed that I have to get new clothes for the season not b/c she has outgrown them :(

  3. I still may take a bobcat in the living room over Corn!! At least the bobcat doesn't attack me when I walk by!

    The bob kitty is on top of the entertainment center now. Still in the living room, but not in such a prominent spot.