Tuesday, February 24, 2009

El Jimador and Gumballs

I had two of my favorite things tonight! We went to El Jimador (an awesome Mexican restaraunt) after our infant CPR class tonight. I LOVE that place and could eat there every day! Their salsa is AWESOME!!

Then, as we were walking out I saw a gumball machine! I have not had a gumball in two years. I love gumballs so much that Wade bought me a gumball machine in college. And he knows he cannot walk by a gumball machine without pulling out a quarter for me! Tonight I almost had my gumball swiped by a toddler! It was one of those machines that goes down a spiral before coming out. Well, the little tike saw it coming and started a mad dash to the gumball machine. He tripped before he got there so I didn't have to worry about taking candy from a baby!


  1. Awww El Jimador...that does sound delicious!

  2. I miss El Jimador! Yum! So glad the toddler tripped for you :-)