Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our House

Master Bathroom, love it! It has two sinks and two walk in closets and another storage closet.
Baby's room. Here is one of the pieces that we redid in white. We have a ways to go in baby's room, but I have my shower this weekend, so I am very excited to see what I get and then to finish buying whatever she needs. The clock is ticking!
View from sitting in the living room. The two bedrooms and spare bath is to the left, and our master bedroom and bath is to the right. Kitchen/dining room are straight ahead.

Living room. Notice the new paint color.

Kitchen, our oak table looks great with the oak cabinets. And our laundry room is off the kitchen to the left.

I haven't taken any pictures from outside yet. We moved in on the 14th and we had lots of help. Since we have owned the house since Jan 16th Wade and I moved a lot of the little stuff ourselves, and we really just needed help with the big items and the dreaded kitchen! My parents came down for a long weekend, and brought my niece Alaina. And Wade's Dad, his Aunt Sandy, Uncle John, and cousins Jeff and Jody came to help too. It went very quickly and did not take long at all to get everything moved and put away. Thank you everyone!!! Next time we PCS, we're having the army do it. Moving is no fun.
We are really liking the house. I miss cranking the heat up like we did on post. We used to keep the thermostat at 75, so having it at 70 here feels very cold! Even Wade thinks 70 feels cold! Hurry up spring!


  1. Looks great! So much nicer than living in those double wides on post! And I'm happy to see you are finally done with FLW housing!!

  2. Your furniture looks smaller in your BIG house!! :) But it looks GREAT!!! Fun stuff!

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