Friday, February 13, 2009

What I will miss about living on post

1. Feeling secure and safe in the neighborhood
2. Quick and easy for Wade to get to work, he can come home after PT for breakfast and
for lunch (less gas money spent)
3. Easy to get to the commissary. I have made it a habit to go there for a few things at a time.
4. Easy to get to the hospital for all my OB appts and three more breathing technique classes.
5. Friends down the street, this one is applying less and lesss as half of them have moved away.
6. Good neighborhood and sidewalks to go on walks.
7. We are already here and all settled in!
8. It would be easier for Wade as a commander to be on post. (he takes command on Feb 27)

What I will love about our new house

1. More square footage!
2. Two, count them, two bathrooms
3. Carpeting
4. Two stall garage
5. Friends downt the street, Stef and Amy!
6. Seperate laundy room, the washer and dryer will not be in the kitchen
7. Being able to customize the house and make it feel like ours.
8. Closer to work for me, watching Abby down the street and the schools for when I sub.


  1. Oooh congrats on taking command, that is exciting!! And I think there are definitely pros and cons for living on post. I love it, but can't wait to buy a bigger house this winter!

  2. You will also love it because baby stuff takes up alot of room! Plus, you will have a garage stall to store diapers and wipes in!

  3. You had me at 2nd bathroom!!