Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Home Improvements

We spent the entire weekend at the house doing some painting, cleaning, and furniture refinishing work. The house will be totally move in ready by the 14th, our big moving day!

Dr Wade spent monday afternoon refinishing some furniture for baby's room. We had some mismatched pieces, so Wade worked on refinishing them so they would match. But now that they are done we are thinking of redoing them in white! We'll see!
This is the living room. The color is called Stillness, and it is a light green with kind of a greyish tone. Looks very nice! (the wall looks a little blotchy because they are wet spots, it dried very smooth) This room took forever! It's not the painting that takes that long, it's the taping of the floorboards, ceiling, door sills, windows, etc. We also had the help of our friend Laura, so that helped the job go faster. We were at the house for nine hours that day, we were exhausted! We still are exhausted!

Baby's room is getting a fresh coat of paint! It is called Desert Pink!

A few weeks ago we rented a rug doctor to clean the carpets in the entire house. I highly recommend that everyone clean their carpets at least once a year. It was very gross!

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  1. Update your picture soon! I can't wait to see pics of the house finished! I bet you are getting anxious to get it all put together so you will be ready for the baby!