Monday, March 5, 2012

Ellison- One Year Appt

The dreaded one year appointment.  I truly hate this appoitment and am relieved we will never have a one year appoitment again!  Ellie was not happy from the get go.  I was dreading the shots since Whitney got sick and a case of the chicken pox after her one year vaccines.  And Ellie is just getting over hand, foot, mouth disease.  Poor girl. 

30in- 75%
20.3lbs- 30%
The doctor was very impressed with her intelligence and coordination and joked this should be her 18 mo appt.  Makes a mommy feel good :)

Whitney did great for the appointment sitting in the chair reading books while Ellie screamed.  Then when we went to the lab for the one year blood draw and Ellie was REALLY screaming, Whitney started singing to her.  Just when I thought she didn't care about her little sister :)

I have been giving Ellie a bottle after bath as her only bottle for about a week now.  We have maybe two or three nights left.  I hadn't felt bad about ending the bottle because she will only drink 2-3 oz of it, but lately after her jammies are on she gets excited and has started saying "ba ba, ba ba!"  Sorry Ellie babe, you're going to have to get used to milk.  She hasn't been crazy about milk but just in the lat few days she has been drinking a little more of it.  She primarily drinks water during the day.

It seems like they hit their first birthday and just grow and learn lightning fast!  I love this age!  Completely my favorite baby stage and now that she is one, I am starting to get sentimental about losing my baby/babies.  Whitney is such a big girl lately too!  We were reading her favorite Llama Llama book last night and she was asking what every word was and some what did they mean.  It tugged at my heart that she is ready to learn like that!

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