Friday, March 9, 2012

Five Minute Friday

What do I want to write about today?  It  don't know, I don't know, I don't know.  My sitter has the girls, I walked/ran and now I am sitting at the library.  It took me about two months to figure out that I don't have to buy a $4 coffe and sit at Panera or Starbucks to get my internet time in.  You would think that would have dawned on me earlier since we come here once a week!  Yeah, I'm a quick one!  And if I have nothing to do online, I can read books or magzines and not have to stay awake until 11pm to do so!

Speaking of staying awake to read magazines, i do get US Weekly every friday and I was kinda lovin putting the girls to bed, pouring a glass of wine and reading the mag cover to cover in one evening.  That's not gonna happen tonight.  Whitney took a nap todayt, which means she will be up until 10pm.  Which means I won't being staying up that late to read a magazine.  AND, how I left you yesterday that Ellie was waking up... yeah, she couldn't breathe.  Which meant she had to sleep in bed with me propped up on pillows, which doesn't go so well because she likes to sleep on her tummy.  When she has a cold we usually do this 2-3 nights before she can breathe again.  When Wade is home he is even so gracious as to sleep on the couch so I can sleep with Ellie.  And I have to pray that Whitney wont wake up  for whatever reason in the middle of the night.  Fun times, but we'll get over it.

Packed up the bottles today.  We are done and DONE!!  No more formula or bottles in this house!  Unless a visitor has a baby, of course!  Poor little Belle Belle is going to be so sad/mad after bath tonight.  I have lots of names for Ellie.  Elle Belle,  Ellie Bellie, Elles,  Elle, Ellie.  Basically anything but Ellison Lucille, which is her name if you had forgotten.  That's kind of how my family rolls.  We call my dad Hank.  That's not his name.  Not even close.  We call my sister Jane.  and my brother is Flip.  The only person with out a name is my mom.  She's Mom.  oh, and I'm Bean.

Wow, I'm really rambling today. Got some time on my hands!  Well, off to Target before heading home!

Six weeks until Wade graduates, we're getting there!


saturday morning side note-  we had a good night last night!  Ellie went to bed at 8:50 (a little late for her, but seems to be working out in my favor), Whitney at 9:40(even with a 2hr nap), me at 10:20 and it's 6:50am and they are still asleep!  Woo hoo!  ( i know you are all concerned about my sleep habits!)  Ellie didn't bat an eye when I gave her a sippy cup of milk last night.  She didn't drink as much as she would have a bottle, but I'll take it!  Bottles are being picked up and delivered today to my SIL.  Formula is gone.  That chapter in my life is done.  I am both sad and happy about this.  Besides diapers and a crib, there is nothing baby in our house any more.

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