Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Some Spring Pictures

I took the girls up to my parents this last weekend.  We had no plans and the weather was nice so we made a four day weekend out of the deal.  It's just under 3 hrs, but I don't love the drive.  I try to drive around nap time so I can drive peacefully and make it without stopping.  No such luck.  Either way.  At least the weekend was fun and the weather was beautiful and made the six hours in the car worth it :)

We spent a lot of time outside, we went to two different parades, parks and I even went out with an old friend into the wee hours of the night morning.  Good thing I don't do that very often, or ever!  The girls were exhausted and slept well every night. 

Whitney was too cute at the parades.  She practically waved the entire time!  We told her you had to wave at the people in the parade and they would throw you candy.

playing in the Mississippi at Prarie du Chein, WI

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