Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Tricks, New Problems

Ellie quickly mastered getting into the sitting position from her hands and knees.  Now last night she woke up and I was letting her cry because it was way too early for her to be waking up, like she had only been asleep like 3 hrs.  She started crying a little too loudly so I knew something was wrong like maybe her leg was stuck through a crib rail or something.  No, she was just sitting her crib crying, like "I'm tired but now I'm sitting here and I don't know what to do!"  She did this twice last night.  Ugh, it's always something.  I remember when Whitney learned to stand she would pull up in her crib and stand there and cry like she was stuck.  Just when we were getting some shut eye at night......

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  1. Ha ha! I know it's not funny-- but I totally understand! Maxwell would fall back against the corner of his crib and get wedged in... I made him cry for 15 minutes before I went to check on him. Then 2 weeks ago, I let him cry for an HOUR from 3-4am, because I knew he wasn't hungry... turns out he had wet through his diaper and he was uncomfortable! oops. :)