Friday, August 12, 2011

Five Minute Friday

I feel like it should be five second friday.  We have so much to do today, but I'm pumping so I do have five minutes and I may as well be doing something.     We are having a garage sale today.  We had two successful garage sales last year, so don't ask me how we have so many things again this year. Along with my two SIL's, we come up with a lot of stuff!!   I guess I do have all my baby stuff up to 6 months that Ellie doesn't need any more.  A friend came over last night to pre-shop and asked if it felt sad to be getting rid of all of the baby stuff.  You know, it didn't even cross my mind so no, it doesn't feel sad.  I am in such clean out declutter mode, that it is like good riddance!!  And a majority of the clothes was my sister's so maybe I don't have such an attatchment because I didn't actually buy the stuff??  I keep saying stuff, it's not stuff, it's good quality belongings.  Maybe that's how you tell yourself it's okay to sell things, you call it stuff and not belongings.  Now I am rambling.

I thought Ellie crawling early would be really awesome, you know, less carrying her around (which I do a lot because I have mommy guilt when I leave a room without her) but she is dangerous because she is so curious yet clumsy!!!  Yesterday she hit her head on our fireplace bricks and smashed her forehead on the bottom shelf of our coffee table. (don't have heart attacks grandma's, she'll be okay, my mother in particular, and yes I did raise the crib rail)  It is not very safe for me to leave the room or pump while she is on the loose!  I guess practice makes perfect and I don't remember it being so dangerous with Whitney because I had about every second of the day to keep my eye on her. 

Ellie finally slept 8hr 15min last night!!!  I think she has done that once so far!!  The not so fun part was that at 5:15 she felt pretty refreshed and it took her an hour to decide she was sleepy again. 

Whitney has been less whiney this week.  I have been trying extra hard to give her more attention and patience.  She really needs hugs and kisses ALL THE TIME to be a good girl.  Her new favorite saying when we ask if to do something or if she wants something, "no way!"   "uh uh"    or if she does want something  "okay okay"  "yeah sure"  Silly goose!  Instead of whining all the time she has taken to asking "can I do that" or "can I help".    She wants to do EVERYTHING, she can even crawl up into her car seat by herself now, thank goodness the Xterra has a step rail, it is one less step for me to put her up into her seat.

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