Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ellison- 6 Months

I have a six month old!!!!!  I just love her right now.  She is so happy, chubby and just darn cute.  She has the sweetest little voice as she experiments with different sounds.   This is the baby stage that I love.  She is so easy going and hardly ever throws little fits, unless I am changing her diaper or trying to get her dressed.  She eats well and does really good with playing by herself and kind of exploring around.

Sleep-  Totally sporadic.  She has been completely messed up as we pick up cold after cold this summer.  She either takes two good naps a day, or three short ones.  Her bedtime is between 8 and 9.  She knows her routine and wants her bottle just after she gets her jammies on. 

Eating-  She drinks breast milk and formula if needed. I haven't decided what I am going to do with pumping now that I made it to my 6 month goal.  I have dropped down to pumping 5 times a day.   She generally drinks about 4oz at a time.  She eats baby food well but I think she prefers vegetables over fruits and really doesn't care for bananas.  We have tried puffs and yogurt melts, broken into smaller pieces and she likes those.  I have tried a cracker and she did okay with that.

Size-  size 3 diaper, not necessarily because she needs that size or protection, but she's close enough and it's easier to have one diaper size in the house.  She wears 6-12 month clothes.

Milestones-  crawling, gets into sitting position, pulls up to standing on things that are lower to the ground, starting to make different sounds besides aahh, but it is only vowels sounds,  oooh, e, o, a.

Her eyes are still blue and her hair is still blonde.  She is such a happy baby and people comment on that all the time.  I am truly lucky, as my first child was not so easy going and is still not.  She loves watching her sister and laughs at her all the time.  She may be easy going, but that doesn't mean she is not busy.  She is not much of a stroller baby or a car seat rider, though she is far better compared to Whitney as a baby.  She does not have any teeth yet, but I suspect one will be popping through in the next week or two.  She still has stranger danger and prefers her mom.  She does okay with others holding her if I am not around.

I hope to get some recent pictures up soon and to add more about her development as I think of it.   We have her six month appt. next week.


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  1. Wow! Time sure does fly! Just think - by the time I have baby she'll be 1!! Crazy!