Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Minute Friday

Ahhhh, that is me breathing a sigh of relief that it is friday.  The girls are asleep and One Life to Live is on.  This is not going to be my typical friday post where I ramble on.  We have been trying to keep extra busy as Wade is gone to help the days go by quickly, which they surprisingly have.  The girls have been on great behaviour, minus Whitney's attitude at my sister's house.  I don't know why, but she seems to be at her worst when we go there, even though she has so much fun.  Maybe she just gets worn out and cranky???  I do want to give a little rant about an ornery guy at a garage sale who sent Whitney into an hour long tantrum.  I was driving home this morning and saw a garage sale sign the next block over so I circled around and pulled up to the garage sale.  They had all kinds of kid stuff set out, other people were stopping.  I got Whitney out and she was so excited to see all the toys and this man comes down the drive way, "we don't open until 11.  we're not open yet!  we're not open until 11" as he is herding us back down the driveway like cattle.   Another car pulled up and he went up to their window and very rudely told them "we don't open until 11!"   serious????  it was 10:30, everything was set out and they were all outside.  do you want to sell your crap or what?!?!?  So, Whitney was devasted that we didn't get to look at all the fun toys and she cried about it and I couldn't find another garage sale to take her to.   fun.   thanks ornery guy, we're not going back to your house. 
all the grandkids love gramdma and grandpa, again, I did not get any pictures of Lawton, ugh!

Ellie loved the pool this time, it certainly helps that they keep it warm as bath water!

this is my little groove girl.  I tried to tell her that Ellies pants were too small, but go ahead and put them on.  Well, they fit, only as capris.  then she wanted to wear her socks pulled up with her sandals (she's not crying, the sun was just really bright)

this is how we do our daily strolls

Ellie thinks she is little miss stander.  she can pull up to the leather couch because she can keep her grip on it.  she is trying to pull up on EVERYTHING, she doesn't realize she is only six months old with the ambition of a ten month old

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  1. your girls are super duper cute!! I LOVED Whitney in Ellie's pants--I am still laughing!!