Friday, August 19, 2011

Five Minute Friday

My children are sick AGAIN!!!  Poor things, third time in about two months.  With company from last weekend it is unfortunate that the cousins end up sharing a little more than toys.  Whitney's symptoms started monday morning and for the most part she is unaffected from the cold symptoms, besides a little extra crankiness in the morning when her nose is stuffed up from the night.  Other than that she is herself and can still sleep just fine.  Ellie's cold symptoms started wednesday.  She just wasn't quite her usual happy self.  Unlike Whitney, Ellie cannot sleep through a cold.  Last night was AWFUL!!!!  We got little snippets of sleep as I tried to prop her up on pillows in our bed to keep her comfortable.   But, as soon as she realized I was around she would want to nurse, so she ended up sipping and sleeping all night long.  I hope this passes soon.  Just when she was sleeping goood and up to 8 hrs, it will be back to sleep training (again) since she will probably get in the habit of waking and nursing again.   Knock on wood, I do not have the cold (yet).

As I mentioned we had a garage sale last weekend.  It was a huge success and we ended up with great weather all weekend!  We all got rid of lots of stuff and have minimal to put away.  Lee and Jess did especially well raking in more than $500!!!  You should have seen the trailer they unloaded!  We have had three garage sales in about a year and a half, so it should be a while until we have one again.

Wade left yesterday for a 10 day antelope hunting trip to South Dakota with his Dad, Brother and Cousin.  Wade has been planning this trip for months, no joke.  He has been on the phone and internet relentlessly, so thank goodness the trip is here, I about couldn't take all the planning any more!  I think my SIL will agree! 

All the plants in my house are dying except for one arrangement I got from my old boss in Manhattan KS.  I suppose it's better that I neglect my plants than my children.  And we can never get into a house that has good lighting for them.

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