Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ellison-6 Month Update

We had Ellie's 6 month appt. today.  She weighs 16lbs 13oz and is 26 inches.  They went through the checklist asking me what she can do, and I said, and she can crawl and pull up to standing.  The nurse joked, are you sure this isn't her 9 month appt?!?!  um, no, my baby is crazy. just look at her.........

I love how she hooks her little toes under the tray, just like Whitney used to do
(that's a plastic cookie, give me a break people!)

why sit down and play when you can stand?!?!

Over the weekend Ellie learned to pull up, on E V E R Y T H I N G!!!  She's a little dangerous.  Correction, she's a lot dangerous because she is so little and unstable yet.  She has no fear of consequences and is already cruising a little bit too.  She lets go of what she is hanging on to and you can see her thinking, "where can I go next?"

Her favorite thing to do right now is stand, and after that is to play with balloons and her sister.  She's not digging her bouncer any more I suppose becasue she's trapped and can't go any where.  She will stand at the outside of it and play, but God forbid she have to play inside of it.

Who knows what I will post at her 7 month update, walking?????  Now that would be really crazy.

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