Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Whtiney 1.5

The little bit of hair that she has, I'm tempted to cut off her rat tail so it will all grow in evenly, but I wouldn't dare cut off what precious little she has!
Whitney is now 18 months, WOW!!!! Every day/week/month gets better with her. I love how much more she understands and the little bursts of intelligence that shine through. For example, I used to show her what slot to put her shape in, and Wade said I shouldn't do that, she can figure it out. Sure enough she tried different holes until she found the right one. I always underestimate how much she really knows. She is remembering to use her words when she wants something so her tantrums are getting a little less. Thank goodness!
A few fun things about her at this age, and maybe some not so fun.....
Sleep- about 9hrs at night, a good night is 10hrs, and usually at least a 2hr nap. If she naps too long during the day she can't sleep at night
Teeth- in the last two months she went from only having 6 teeth to getting 6 more with at least her top two eye teeth on the verge on pushing through
Weight- 22-23lbs, not sure on height
Food- not so much, she has good eating days and bad. She has learned she can ask for specific food and sometimes it is pickles! She eats better with a fork, and prefers an adult fork. She sits at the table with a plate. I am learning to stress less about it and continue to offer food choices and not stress if she decides not to eat. She loves milk and any kind of juice, so much so that I have to limit how much she can have during the day
Favorite activites- books, dancing, bath time, watching Curious George, coloring and playing outside
Hates- sitting in a shopping cart, having her poopy diaper changed, sitting still for meals, going to the nursery at church, having her soapy head rinsed off, sleeping at other houses and coming in from outside- I have to lure her in and tell her she can watch George

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  1. i think she should grow out a rat tail! those are sweet.