Wednesday, November 17, 2010

18 Month Appt

We had Whitney's 18 month appt. today. She does NOT like the Dr's office and starts crying and squirming as soon as we walk in the room. I suppose she remembers the shots??? She only had two this time, but couldn't stop saying "owwee" as we left and "owee all done". Call me horrible, but I'm not taking her back for her second series of the flu shot. I never did last year either. Her official stats are 22.7 lbs naked (20%) and 32 in (56%). I guess she'll be a light weight! I must be getting weaker because I could have sworn she was getting heavier!
She likes to wear hats. Thank goodness, because she doesn't have much hair to keep her head warm and I won't have to fight her to wear it.
Wade has been building forts with Whitney at night. Now she wants to build "tents", as Whitney calls it, during the day. I have to tell her that daddy builds tents, not mommy. Frankly, I'm tired after playing with her all day and I'll leave the high energy activities for daddy. I don't think I have to explain to any mother how exhausting it is to wake up early, figure out what to feed them multiple times a day, go to play groups and activities, grocery shop and take care of a house with a toddler. Oh, I'll use the pregnancy card too. Did I mention that for over a week now she has decided 1/2 hr naps are sufficient? Yeah. It's really frustrating since I used to be able to count on at least a two hour nap to relax and get things done. (she's watching Curious George right now, that's the only way I am getting this post up) So you assume she is sleeping more at night since she doesn't sleep during the day, WRONG!!! I'm hoping she won't be like her cousin Alaina who dropped naps all together by the time she was two. There will be some long days around here come February.

Peeking out over the tent, I think Wade forgot that Whitney put my headband on him!


  1. Cute post!!! Fun daddy!! I am praying for you and your pregnancy! Our doc appt today was 2.5 hours! Praise God Kreg was there but Landrey was still a big ol' mess! She HATES having the doc touch me and she cries for me when he is in the room! Did I mention she was a mess! I had my first official BIG tantrum throwing experience in public in the waiting room when Kreg left to go to the car. Everyone was looking and you feel so judged even though all those mom's understand! O well we got through it!

  2. Lo decided she didn't want a nap today either. I am praying she isn't dropping the only nap we have left!!! Hope your pregnancy is going well?! I am so ready to be done and we still have like 10ish weeks to go!!