Saturday, September 25, 2010

Week in Review

Last weekend Whitney and I went down to Jessica's for some garage sales and just hanging out while Wade was duck hunting. We momentarily got all the kids to sit for a movie.
Yesterday morning Whitney and I went to Des Moines to garage sale. I'm a bit addicted to it now that there is a little one to shop for. And it's awesome being in bigger cities because you have all the rich young couples that buy all the good stuff first! It would be really helpful if I knew the sex of the next baby for when I'm out. That big day is scheduled for next friday, can't wait!! I think it's another girl, so we'll see.


I didn't plan on dressing Whitney up for Halloween because she's too little to trick or treat, and she just doesn't get the concept yet, but I found this little tinker bell costume at a garage sale and had to buy it. She loves it and wouldn't let me take it off her. She wore it around the house for a few hours yesterday.

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