Friday, September 10, 2010

A Few Pics

I haven't been a very good blogger lately. I am still finding myself doing little move in projects even though we have been here over a month now. We have been busy every weekend since we moved back to Iowa with both sides of the family, which is awesome, but we are looking forward to some down time at home this weekend. Wade has been super busy with school already and can tell it will be a tough semester. This grad program sure isn't like the laid back times at UNI! Whitney is getting super talkative learning a new word every day. She is even starting to string words together, her favorite being "where'd it go" and "choo choo, where are you?" as she holds her palms out to show something is gone. This morning I asked if she wanted to have breakfast with Mommy and she responded, 'pop tart'. So that's what we had. She is starting to call me mommy instead of mama, which is kind of sad because it makes her seem like more of a toddler, my baby is growing so fast! She has gone from having six teeth to getting six more at a time. Better than one at a time like her first six! Helping me fix the vacuum. It needed a new belt, but the question is, how long was I using it without a belt?? Seeing how much more it picks up, it grosses me out to think how dirty our carpet could have been in MO.

At a little park in Postville this last weekend. Whitney and I went up for four nights and Wade stayed behind to do homework and finally get to our land. Whitney and I got very spoiled in Postville, having Grandma and Grandpa around to play with and for me to not have to cook dinner and clean up! I may be going back more often!

at my cousin's bridal shower. We were supposed to be making a toilet paper wedding dress with Whitney as our model, but she was not cooperating.

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