Thursday, April 1, 2010

11 Months

Today my baby is 11 months old. Or should I say my toddler? She really isn' much of a baby any more with all that walking around she does. She primarily will walk now where ever she wants to go. She still has just six teeth. I started weaning her from breastfeeding and she is doing okay with it. She's been getting milk for a few months now, so it's not that new of a transition for her. Not being able to use me for comfort is something to get used to though. Maybe I'll write more on the breastfeeding topic once we're completely done with it........... back to my baby, ah-hem, toddler.
She loves- the outdoors (but what baby doesn't), walking, to carry things around while she walks, her stuffed kitty, reading books, watching her baby einstein videos and wheel of fortune, noodles, blueberries, the microwave, opening and closing doors, eating grass, to dance, to go to the park, magnets/pictures on the fridge, to help unload the dishwasher, animals, to wave at the bobcat on the wall, to look at herself in the mirror, piggy back rides, to see other people (we were worried about that one for a while, she HATED to be out in public and around too many people) and when her daddy comes home at night. She will crawl or run to him as soon as Wade walks in the door. It is the cutest thing!
She hates- diaper changes, getting washed, having lotion put on, coming in from outside, being stuck at home with me for too long, being in her car seat for too long, (we're now up to 30-40 minutes before she freaks out) and not being able to communicate. We're well into temper tantrum stage!!
She does know mama and dada, she doesn't say wa wa anymore but her new word is hot. She points at the stove and says hot and she knows that coffee cups are hot. Yesterday I had my daily decaf cappuccino on the end table and she walked up and pointed at it and said, hot. Though it sounds more like ot. Since this is the only word she knows she points at a lot of things and says ot. She says yes a lot, but it sounds like ess. I'm excited for her to learn to talk, and I have to keep myself from comparing her to her cousin Alaina who could say 50 words by the time she was one. She may have been a freak of nature with how quickly she learned everything!
I should also mention briefly that her sleeping is SOO much better after ferberizing her. She is not ferberized in the true sense, but to my version of it, and it works for us. She usually will sleep at least 6-7 hrs before waking, which may or may not take her a while to go back down, but we also have a lot of nights that she sleeps 9-11 hrs straight. When I nursed her to sleep, 98% of the time she would wake up a half hour after going down for the night and need to nurse to sleep again. Well, since ferberizing she doesn't do that anymore. I never could figure out why she did that, and she started it at 2 months.
I love the stage she is in now. It is so fun to watch her learn and discover. It's also easier that she is more independent. Sigh, one more month......

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  1. Too fun! They are growing up SO fast. I'm hoping B will get back to sleeping all night once we get rid of this latest ear infection!!!