Friday, April 9, 2010

Pie in the Face

Our FRG did a pie in the face fundraiser yesterday. It's a way for Soldiers to, for lack of a better word, legally, get some payback on each other no matter the rank. Julie and Elizabeth, if you're reading this.... you guys do such a great job with the FRG!!!
I used to think Whitney was a really good baby, and for the most part she is at home, but when we get out in public she does not behave!! I see other babies sleep in their stollers or stay put and play in one spot, but Whitney has to run all over the place and investigate everything!! We had a meeting the other night and I had to chace her around and couldn't pay attention to the meeting! Yesterday at this fundraiser she was into everything and wanted to walk everywhere and open and close doors and climb on everything and she would throw tantrums if I didn't let her, it was so embarassing! I guess she is just being a curious kid!
Hanging out with the boys... I need to stop putting her in that brown coat because people think she is a boy too!

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