Friday, April 16, 2010

Being Whitney

So I've mentioned how Whitney likes to carry stuff around the house, or drag it if it's too heavy.... time to go shopping mom!
......she found Wade's boots and started dragging one around. It was soooo cute!!

Whitney likes to wave at the bobcat when it was on our wall, but she's not sure what it's doing in the corner of Wade's closet. I put the bobcat in Wade's closet while we have the house on the market, but I should probably put a sheet over it, people are going to get the crap scared out of them when they open the closet door during showings! And if you're wondering, Whitney doesn't always wear a white onsie. If she's not sleepy after her bath I let her run around before putting her jammies on.

Whitney and her friend London sharing a snack. They are just three weeks apart in age. Whitney needs some hair, she looks like a boy next to London! If she's anything like me she won't have hair until she's three, poor thing!

And I have to mention how cute it is that Whitney now gives hugs. She grabs your face and then leans in for a hug. I didn't teach her that, she just started doing it on her own. Wade loves it, he's been waiting 11.5 months for some love from Whitney!! I love this age, the things she comes up with and the expressions on her face are priceless!


  1. Why is your house on the market??? Are you moving far away?? Aunt Wendy

  2. These are SO cute! LOVE the one of her dragging your purse around. Brynna loves to play with my wallet and get EVERYTHING out of my purse :)