Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Silly Girl

She loves Wheel of Fortune!!! seriously, she really does!
Getting a box ride with her kitty cat

She likes to carry things around while she is walking. She will find ANYTHING to carry around, she is so silly, she will walk for hours because she is just so excited she can do it by herself. I'm going to enjoy it while I can before she wants me to play with her all the time again!

at the park yesterday, she really liked going down the little slides

Outside this morning, it's going to be 70 today!!!!


  1. omg she is so big!! Abby still runs around with stuff in her hands. You need to take some pics of the old neighborhood, I still cant believe theres a house beside our old one!

  2. That's so funny that she loves Wheel of Fortune...because katelyn does too. And fortunately for us, it's on right before bathtime so in her fussiest time! I'm glad the weather finally warmed up! Enjoy!

  3. Lo carries "purses" around too. Whitney is so cute, glad she loves walking. Keep fostering that independence, so she will enjoy playing by herself, that is what I have done with Lo and it is great! :)

  4. These pictures are SO cute! She needs to get up here and teach Brynna how to walk...Brynna has been going about 1/2 way across the room for a couple weeks now, but hasn't mastered any more than that!?!?!
    Super jealous of your weather, but they say 70s are coming here THIS week, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!