Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend In Iowa

We had a crazy busy weekend in Des Moines last weekend. We left friday night after work and didn't get in until 2am. It is nice that Whitney sleeps most of the way, but it was brutal on us to drive that late. How did we ever party until sunrise???? Saturday morning we had Owen's 1st birthday and that afternoon I had my good friend Michelle's bridal shower. Whitney liked Owen's car.. getting pushed around by Grandma Cathy.
The cousins, Grant in the back then Owen, Whitney and Brynna. They all have spring birthdays. Owen 1 on April 13, Brynna 1 on April 22, Whitney 1 on May 1 and Grant 4 on May 10.

Us college friends. Me, Whitney, Amanda, Michelle (bride to be) and Jen.

Whtiney loves animals and she was trying to chase the cat to get it, but it kept running away and then would hide behind the door, just out of Whitney's reach. Whitney would have gone through the hole too if her shoulders had fit!

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  1. I love the picture of Whitney chasing the cat! That is adorable! Glad that she was a good traveler. And to answer the question of how we used to stay up until's because we could sleep in until noon+ and there weren't any babies waking up at sunrise!