Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sweet Potatoes

We tried food yesterday for the first time and we started with sweet potatoes. She was not a big fan. Her whole body just shuddered at the taste. She kept coming back for more, but each time she still didn't like it! After a few bites I even tried to blah it up by adding rice cereal and water, she still didn't like it. We'll try again today and then maybe move on to applesauce. Poor thing was all ready for her cereal and I shoved some flavor in her mouth. She looked at me like, 'why are you doing this to me, mom?'


  1. Those pictures are funny...she has quite the little personality doesn't she?
    Good luck!!!

  2. She does have a little personality! Aunt Sandy was here that day and said, "she's got quite the little temper already!" Why yes, yes she does!

    We mastered the sweet potatoes!! I kept giving it to her in her cereal and all of a sudden she just went for it straight and finished the container. I thought pears would be mellow, but they are pretty tart! Don't start with pears!