Monday, September 21, 2009

Road Trip

We decided to test the waters to see how Whitney would do on a car ride. It is no big secret that she hates her car seat and we can't go anywhere. Well, she still hates it. She has been starting to cry herself to sleep driving around the area and on Friday evening I went to Wal-Mart and she fell asleep on the way home, so I drove past our house and kept on driving! I wanted her to get used to the feeling of sleeping in her car seat and I like to drive and enjoy the relaxation of just listening to the radio. I cruised around for an extra 20 minutes. Back to our trip... Wade has been begging to go to Bass Pro for weeks, maybe months, so I finally got up the nerve to give it a shot. (Bass Pro is in Springfield about 1 1/2 hrs away) Traveling is very hard for me too when she is upset. There is nothing you want to do more when your child is upset than to hold them and comfort them. After her 20 minute time limit of doing anything she started freaking out. We stopped for gas and for Wade to check the trailer (this was also a test run for Wade's new trailer) she was instantly happy as soon as we took her out. Put her back in, she started screaming. She cried herself to sleep and we made it there. I so wanted to turn around and go back home. I was already dreading the drive back, and if it hadn't been for Wade I would have quit. It was a short stay at Bass Pro, but we made it there. And she was excellent while there. I'd say an hour and a half trip is at the peak of my comfort level for traveling with her. For now, please don't ask me to go any farther!! On the way there. You could also repeat this image for the last half hour of the drive home. The drive home was better, she slept most of the way home and we made it back without stopping. If you look closely I think that label says WARNING, this car seat will make your baby cry!
In front of the bear, duh captain obvious. You would think it was our first time at Bass Pro.

Whitney trying on some antlers.

Whitney practicing her super sneak attack move.

Yes, she has found her thumb. She won't suck on a pacifier, so if this is what comforts her, whatever. She hasn't figured out that she should suck on it while she's upset, but hopefully that will come soon. In other cute Whitney news, she is learning to say ba, da, ga, boo, doo, and goo, along with all the other vowel sounds. It won't be too long and she'll be saying da da all over the place. Too bad they couldn't figure out ma ma first!


  1. Abby was the exact same way. Our first 13 hour road trip to Tennessee at six weeks cured it though. Now she loves the car. But there is nothing worse than when they scream in the car...makes me wanna lose my mind just thinking about it!

  2. Whitney was great in her car seat up until 8 weeks. It has been torture since, but I think we are SLOWLY getting better.