Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh deer...

Deer hunting opened in MO on Sept 15, and Wade got his first deer last night while hunting on post. He even called to see if it was okay to go last night, I knew I should have said no!!! I'm not too fond of the deer meat, I would be okay with donating to a homeless shelter. As long as he makes it into jerky or deer sticks that is fine, but don't expect me to be making any deer chili or deer tacos any time soon. The worst thing I made was deer meatballs, I don't recommend that. Last night two LT's from the Battalion had to come over to see a dead deer and how to cut out the meat. They are city boys and this was their first experience with a deer. Kind of funny.
Wade wanted Whitney in the picture and I didn't trust him that his hands were clean, so I guess this became a family photo.


  1. oh boy, let the fun begin. Since he got one already, does that mean he doesn't need to go to the land?!? hehe

  2. Oh no!!! Hunting starts here on THURSDAY!!!
    I'm NOT looking forward to it. One of these years I suppose I'll just learn to embrace it :) Maybe when the kids are old enough to go with Daddy!