Tuesday, September 8, 2009

4 Month Update

Whitney had her 4 month appt. this morning. For the shots she cried briefly and immediately fell asleep as I was walking out. She even slept the whole way home, which tells you how tired and traumatized she was because she hates her car seat. I was pretty close on my measurements. She weighs 14lbs 14 oz (68%) and 24.25 in (42%). The nurse initially measured her at 23in, I commented that it seemed really short but that did not prompt her to remeasure. At least the Dr caught it and thought that seemed abnormal for her growth and fixed it. I guess if they hadn't remeasured they just would have thought she had a super growth spurt at her next appt. Playing with her Einstein caterpillar after we got home. She was so busy with it she wouldn't even look at me. She was probably mad at me for taking her to the hospital!

Out the door to the hospital.

Earlier this morning. She was sitting up playing with her new Sillytown, but she tipped backwards and decided to play with it with her feet!


  1. I just found out this weekend that there are 3 different growth charts, a boy one, a girl one, and a combined one. I wonder if our doctors are using different charts and that is why the percentages are so different even though they are so close in size???

  2. I bet your doctor is rounding up? It would be pretty odd that Brynna is an exact percent at both 2 mo and 4 mo. I measured Whitney yesterday because she looked longer, again!!, and I got 25 inches!!! They grow so fast those charts are just a basic indicator.