Friday, August 21, 2009

Night No. 3

I don't think cereal is the magic meal ticket I was hoping it to be. I do think it is helping with her night time hunger and am glad we got that started. She gobbles the cereal right up and has no problem swallowing it. Granted it's still pretty thin, but it sure isn't breast milk thin.

I think the bigger problem is that she doesn't want to be swaddled any more. Houdini got out of her swaddle again last night. I would like to video tape her getting out, because the swaddle is pretty darn snug. And when she woke up at 2:30 last night she was tootin' up a storm. I have been eating salads the last two days and have found that the dark leafy greens make her gassy. So, did she wake up because she was gassy or because she doesn't want to be swaddled? I hate these guessing games. She doesn't act hungry when she wakes up but I feed her anyway because that's what calms her to go back to bed. I put her back down on her tummy and she slept until 7:15. Maybe I just need to get over my SIDS fear and put her on her tummy all night. If there needs to be any clarification, she is not swaddled on her tummy.

So other mothers, at what age and how did you transition out of the swaddle. Any other tummy sleepers out there and what age did you let them start tummy sleeping all night?

I may have to update in a couple of weeks to let you all know what I figured out. She used to sleep 9:30-5/5:30, eat and go back to bed for 2-4 hours. I'd like to get back to that schedule. It is perfect since Wade gets up at 5. Sleep, come back to me!!!


  1. Katelyn gets out of her swaddle blanket a couple nights a week it seems and it's super tight. But...she's still not ready to be unswaddled. It's so frustrating. I hope Whitney is getting close to be unswaddled...that would be wonderful and make life so much easier!

  2. I think Maggie stopped her swaddle around 12 weeks. She really didn't start sleeping well until she was 6 months old and we started solids (more than once a day). She didn't like her tummy but I started to let her have a blanket in the crib with her-it seemed to help her! Maggie also started teething at 4 months which totally threw off her sleepin routine. Good luck! Hope she starts sleeping better soon!

  3. I would try no swaddle, Jackson only did it for the first month or so. But also, if you let her be unswaddled and she likes to be on her tummy, she may roll over to her tummy herself. Which would make life easier for you cause she may be able to get comfy and get herself back to sleep. From what I have heard if you stop the night feeding, she will figure out she isn't getting any food and go back to sleep on her own. But every baby is different... it stinks, because it truly is trial and error. Although you have to giver your trial a week or so before you say enough... sometimes it just takes a few days for them to figure it out... sigh, it's all a guessing game! Good luck!!!