Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last Night

Did not go very well, and it had nothing to do with Whitney being hungry. She did well with her cereal again, that was not the problem. She decided last night was one of her nights where she was just not tired and I did not get her to bed until almost 11. If she sleeps really well the night before and naps really well during the day, sometimes this happens. Okay, she's finally sleeping. About midnight a horrible thunderstorm comes barreling through. It was loud and pretty frightening. Honestly, I'm glad the storm woke her up because I wanted to go in there and hold her anyway in case we blew away. Storm passed and she fell back asleep no problem. A couple of hours later I heard her grunting and moving and she went back to sleep. At 4 am I hear her again. She is not crying but after 15 minutes I can tell that she is awake. I get up to check her because I am wide awake at this point, and Houdini is all smiles and she got her rodeo arm out of the swaddle. Ugh. So I got her up, she burped and pooped and was all upset. Fed her and put her back down and she's been down since 4:30. At this point I put her on her tummy to sleep. She loves to sleep on her tummy.

Hopefully tonight we'll really see if the cereal does the trick. There are no storms predicted to come through to wake her up, and I'll cross my fingers that the dogs keep they yaps shut. Like I said, there is always something to keep me awake. I don't think she is ready to be unswaddled or even to keep one arm out, but I do contemplate putting her on her tummy for bedtime. My only concern is that when she starts to wake out of her deep sleep she starts turning her head, and quite a few times I have found her face down. That's why I let her tummy sleep in the morning and at naps so I can check her more often. The joys of figuring out your baby's sleeping needs! Now it will be trying to figure out if she was hungry at night, she doesn't like sleeping on her back, and/or being swaddled, or to keep an arm out......... I know she doesn't like to sleep on her back unswaddled, I try this for naps sometimes to see how it goes and it immediately wakes her up.

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