Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We decided, or rather I decided and Wade was okay with it, that it was time to try cereal. My super sleeper used to sleep 7-9 hrs straight. The last two weeks it has been about four hours before she is up again. To be honest, I feel like I run pretty empty by the evening. She's getting enough food and nutrients, my super chub weighs 14lbs, I just don't think she is filling up enough to continue to sleep longer stretches. She has been watching us eat, so she was getting close anyway.

So, how did it go you ask? Very well. She spit back out very little. She didn't cry or fuss. She did keep turning to me wanting the milky rice to come out of you know where, but after a few spoonfuls she got the hang of it and I had to be super speedy getting her the cereal. And she slept better. She slept six hours straight, and that was even after I let her nap from 5:30-7:15. I have a no napping after six rule I usually follow, because it really interferes with her going down to bed. We'll try it again tonight and every night after from now on. I'll make the rice a little bit thicker tonight and closer to bed time. Maybe we'll get back to the 7-9 hours soon!
Excited for cereal.


Yeah, who's the big girl now?!

Did I get some on my face?

See my bib?

Mommy's happy!

After dinner cuddling!


  1. I have a no napping after 6 rule too! We always give E a snack about an hour and a half before she goes to bed because she is a 12 hour a night sleeper.

  2. Jackman takes a nap in the evenings and sometimes sleeps from 5-7, but still goes down at 8-6:30. It doesn't matter how many naps that kid takes in a day, he is ready for bed at 8 and wakes at 6:30. Funny how all kids are so different!!

    Solid food changes lives, BTW!! Now, we just throw stuff on the Jman's highchair tray and don't have to worry about him again!!

    Whitney is so cute!!

  3.!!! I'm not ready to try solids with Brynna yet, Grant I was all excited and couldn't wait until he was old enough :) Looks like she did great...Grant cried the first time. Hope she starts sleeping longer for you, four hours is NO fun.

  4. love to cum all over your little face it would look just like that