Monday, August 17, 2009

More Whitney

We spent another weekend indoors, so there was nothing to do but take pictures of Whitney. I'm getting REALLY tired of this hot humid weather. By the end of the week it's supposed to cool down, hopefully we will do something a little more exciting. And it doesn't help that we are trapped into a 20 mile radius of our house because Whitney fa-reaks out in her car seat. As she gets more coordinated with her hands I'm hoping she will be able to entertain herself with toys in her carseat. And we need a DVD player for our vehicle, she loves the TV!

She liked her shoulder ride and was smiling and hanging on to Wade's ears. We knew they stuck out for a reason!

She went through a couple of days where she did nothing but suck on her fingers, but she seems to have forgotten about them for now.

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