Saturday, November 26, 2011

Five Minute Friday

(saturday morning)
Thanksgiving has come and gone.  The month long celebration of Christmas has begun.  It used to annoy me that stores and people didn't at least wait until December before breaking out the Christmas music, lights and decorations, but it's different for me after having kids.  Whitney is way excited about Christmas this year and can't wait to put up a tree.  She even remembered where we put it last year.  Unbelievable!!

We hosted Thanksgivng this year, and Wade did a great job with the meal.  He is the new cook in the family :)  Now my parents are here for some visiting and for me and my mom to do some shopping!  Without the girls!!!!!  Bring it on!  Hope I don't get wore out, it's currently 6:30 am.  Ellie woke me up at 4:50, which woke Whitney up so that shot any hopes of getting Ellie back to bed, but they have both gone back to sleep now.  I have already had coffee and new that once I finally fell back asleep it would be time to get up again.  Ugh!  Guess I'm getting my internet fix early today.
painting with Owen.  They have such a cute little friendship!

How many Thanksgivings in Iowa can you hang out in the back yard!?!

having a snack, because of course kids don't love the Thanksgiving dinner the way adults do!

this is what has been on our kitchen counter for 9 months.  Wednesday I packed it all up.  I had to leave it out because we didn't have the cabinet space, and for most of my pumping duration I was pumping 5-6 times a day.  Figure at least an hour of my life every day for 9 months was spent hooked up to the pump.  Wow.  

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  1. This is the best age so far for Christmas. They are young enough to really believe in all the Christmas magic yet old enough to also participate in it and remember! I love it. We moved this summer and Lo and I had been discussing where the tree should go and she was all about her input! Too cute.

    And hopefully it is good ridence to your pumping days, even though I know it is bittersweet. I keep having weird moments about giving it up...near the smell of formula is making me gag! I don't remember it smelling this bad last time.