Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ellison- 9 Months

We have a little barn on our fridge that plays music, she like to push the button and rock back and forth.  No she is not "special".  You will also hear how she likes to "talk" to us.  She grunts at us as her primanry form of communication.  And yes, I am annoying in the video.

Nine months!  My favorite, favorite, favorite baby stage!!  This is the peak of baby cuteness before they become little toddlers.  She still curls her little toes when she sits, still has that baby chubbiness,  mostly gummy smile, little hair, and the dependency of  a baby.  (yes I also dislike the dependency of a baby, go figure!)  I love the way she kicks her legs when she is excited when I pick her up.

She is still such a happy little girl.  She smiles just from looking at her.  She does great playing on her own, but still likes to know where I am.  She does not like to play with sister, and sister doesn't like to to play with her either.  If Whitney takes something from Ellie it is the end of the world.  Tantrum and tears!

Eating- does great!  I am just beside myself at having a "normal" eater.  She has anywhere from 4-6 bottles averaging 5oz at a time between 5:30 am and 8:30pm. These last few days she has been drinking less, not sure if it is the formula change or she is over a growth spurt. She also likes to snack and eat little meals with us.  She only eats finger foods.  She hasn't had baby food or baby cereal in forever.  She doesn't care to eat off a spoon.  Her favorite foods are blueberries, cheese, Pepperidge Farm Brown Sugar toast and pretzels.  She has figured out how to use her teeth to bite off little pieces.  We are in the process of going down to strictly formula.  We are in the last few days of ever having breast milk again!!  (maybe a post on it's own to come)

Teeth- four, two on top, two on bottom

Sleep-  She has been a sleeping machine lately!  Woo hoo!!  Could be from the hormone drop from breastfeeding.  I have felt yucky and sleepy since weaning and I think the change is affecting her too.  Hopefully once we get past this change she will keep it up though.  She still goes to bed around 8:30, wakes between 5:30 and 6 and has a bottle and may or may not go back to sleep.  She will take two shorter naps or one long mid day nap.  She is a tummy sleeper or side sleeper.  She likes her soft blanket and pacifers in her bed.  I have about 4 pacifers in her crib so she can find one if she wakes up at night.

Milestones-  She is on a roll in this department.  Again, why I love this age.  Their budding little personality and smarts start to show.  She is furniture cruising and starting to walk ON HER OWN!  She will walk between Wade and I, or rather she will walk from Wade to me, she doesn't like to go to him unless he can bribe her with something.  She is starting to get brave and let go of what she is hanging on to and just go for it.  She can go about six feet on her own.  At the library this morning she was hanging on to a table and spotted a foot stool and just started walking to it.  She has some balance issues to figure out, but I give it about two weeks and she's good to go.  Whitney was walking well on her own by 10 months, so worst case scenario we have another month of practice.  Enough about walking, I can blog about that later.....  She is talking.  She can say mama, dada, oh no, no no, and ah choo.  And yes, she uses them in the correct context.  She likes to put things away.  She will pick up a toy and put it in a basket, go get another one, etc.    She can clap, wave and do so big.  Her pincer grasp is perfected.  She pretends to do puzzles like big sister.  She understand "no".  She dances.

Likes/Dislikes-  likes to eat, suck her pacifer, be with her mama and her big sister, cuddle soft blankets and toys, put EVERYTHING in her mouth, walk, suck on wet wash cloths, be outside, go to the library, ride in the wagon, swing.  She dislikes diaper changes and getting dressed. 

We don't have her 9 month appt until next month, you'll have to wait for stats then!


  1. She is ADORABLE!! And you are right - this is such a fun stage - starting to become more independent but still a lovable little baby. Love the video. She's saying "no Momma, you push the button!" haha I think she is starting to look less like Whitney now. Hope to catch up with you soon!

  2. Cutie patootie!!! She is such a genius!! I love reading about your girls!! So fun!! I am in love with just about every stage:) I always love the stage we are at and then I think i cannot wait for this...stage. I juts love seeing them grow up:)

    I miss our library days? Does Devon still go?

  3. so cute! She is such a smartie. I am hoping MW walks by Christmas.