Friday, November 18, 2011

Five Minute Friday

I'm actually doing it.  I'm weaning.  I'm done breastfeeding.  Ellie is sleeping better (9hrs now!), she only wants a bottle, and I just reached my limit of making time to pump.  Not to mention we've had pump parts and pump bottles on our kitchen counter for almost 9 months now.  Ellie will be 9 months on tuesday, I feel that is an adequate amount of breast milk.  I don't have any supply strored in the freezer and I really wanted to go to 10 months, but I'm done.  I read that to get the full benefit of breastfeeding you need to do it for six months.  Check.  When I would take Ellie in for her 2 and 4 month appointments they would say if I could keep going until six months then that would be ideal and anything beyond that is just fantastic.  Formula is way gross, but she takes it without batting an eye so we'll go with it.  I don't know what I am going to do with all my free time from not pumping!  Have a cleaner house?  Yeah, probably not!

We got a babsysitter again this week.  We have date "evenings".  We have the babysitter from 3:30-6 and go to a bar/resturant and get appetizers and $1 pints.  We joke that we need to start taking CyRide!  The girls seem to be doing good with her and she even gave the babysitter a hug goodbye and watched her leave out the window.  You know Whitney likes you when she wants to watch you out the window.

Tonight I'm meeting friends in Des Moines for dinner.  Getting lots of me time lately :)

Whitney still doesn't like to poop on the toilet.   She doesn't like to poop period, but we're thinking of forcing her to on the toilet, any thoughts?


  1. pooping is always last to come in most cases. I would just keep encouraging her. It took us forever to get Lo to poop in the potty. I know that isn't exactly helpful, but the more I pushed the worse it got.

  2. I agree, she will when she is ready. Bribery might work??? Landrey was doing ok with it, but would still poop in her pants b/c of her HARD softball poos (she too is on mirilax and still is) b/c it hurt and it must have felt better, easier to poop in a secluded place, so I just let her. I felt so bad for the HUGE poops she had and really did not want to terrify her of the pooping in the potty. I just went with the flow and kept encouraging her to go and try. I bribed her with everything under the sun. One day I said ok if you want to watch a favorite show of hers I said you need to go poop in the potty and minutes later she did. She was so PROUD!! She counted all her poops and since that day she now goes every. single. day. after lunch and then heads off to watch her favorite show. Now she has come so far that she just up and tells me when she needs to go. You WILL get there with her. Parenting is so difficult isn't?? You get so much advice from others, you question your own parenting, but in the end all that matters is that we love, teach and keep our kids healthy and safe everything else will happen eventually. Best wishes!