Friday, September 16, 2011

Five Minute Friday

I have a few things to talk about this friday.  Ellie picked up her 4th cold all on her own this week.  It started monday and finally last night she was able to sleep 5hrs straight in her crib.  She was/is so terribley stuffed up she had to sleep in bed with me propped up on pillows waking up every 1-2 hrs to choke, cough and cry.  Then I would nurse her back to sleep.  I see some sleep training coming up again in our near future.  Isn't breast milk supposed to be some super power?  I think Whitney has had about 4 colds in her life.

Speaking of Whitney, we started potty training on monday and she is doing absolutely fantastic.  We had been talking about setting a date and to just start doing it, but monday she wanted to be "naked butt" and use the potty, so I asked if she wanted to be all done with diapers and she said yes, so I went with it.  I haven't done anything special and she had occasionaly been using the potty when it suited her, the timing was just right for both of us. She even keeps her pull ups dry when we leave the house and she is okay with going potty in public restooms.  Not such an easy feat trying to hang on to a squirming baby and to keep Whitney from falling in the toilet, but it has to be done. She prefers to be naked butt or naked butt under her pants.  She's not crazy about underwear.   So far so good.  She has been so accepting of it, that I can probably say that I have a potty trained toddler.  I will post more later about her potty training.

Hunting season is starting back up.  I have the girls alone this weekend and next.  It seems like yesterday that I had Whitney alone every weekend in Novemember and I would take her to church every Sunday morning. 

Whitney had her first nightmare last night, she thought an alligator with two teeth was trying to chomp her in her bed and she was terrified to go back to sleep. I blame it on Cailou.  Just that day Caliou was afraid to go to sleep and thought monsters were in his room.  By the time I noticed what the episode was Whitney was already sucked in and looked scared so I wanted her to see that everything was okay in the end.   Hope she doesn't do that this weekend.

I made my first apple sauce.  It was good but needs a few adjustments.

We went to play pals this morning.  Whitney was much better at independent play than she was last year.

I am desperate to hit some fall garage sales for 3t winter tops, size 7 shoes, and a Halloween costume for Whitney.

Whitney is so comical in the things she says lately.  She is constantly telling me "two hands mommy" when I am driving.  She randomly asks, are we lost.  Are you lost mommy?  and are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet?

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